Sharepoint Edit in Datasheet locks or freezes IE6

In SharePoint, sometimes generates an error when you try to edit in datasheet view some list. Your browser freezes and you have to close it and re-open the site. If this situation happens you can try to solve this applying this solutions:
In my case, these solutions not solved my problem. If you create your own master page it's probably you've created a foot page. This is a common situation but if put an image bigger than 19px of height you couldn't edit your lists in datasheet view in IE6. Try putting an 19px-of-height image in your master page and the problem will solve.



Tengo un disco duro virtual (skydrive) donde iré compartiendo documentación, ficheros, etc para que los podais descargar. Para empezar he dejado un ZIP con las 40 plantillas de Sharepoint y un BAT que lanza el deploy de todas.
La dirección es: http://cid-7d78739f3e7ea6ee.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/.Public


How to configure de Sharepoint Single Sign-On

Sharee has a interting post about this. I think is very interesting and useful.


Alternate Access Mapping

Sometimes it's possible you need other path for your URLs. For example, if your server name is DEMO_SERVER, all your paths will be called http://demo_server:[port]/....
If you want to change this situation you have to create an alternate access mapping in your Central Administration and afterwards you have 2 options: modify your 'hosts' file (not recommended) and the second option is create a new host in you DNS Server.
In my example I have a virtual machine with de MOSS Server and de DNS Server in the same machine, but it's the same situation.

First of all we edit our Alternate Access Mapping, and add an internal URL:

You must have this new link like this:

Now, you only need to add this new URL in the DNS Server to be recognized by all the machines:

In this example I've used localhost IP but in a normal situation you have to put your DNS IP.

Now you must have a row like this:

If all has gone well, you have to put the new URL in the browser and confirm the new mapping is working ok: