Campos de SharePoint Alert Templates

Cuando trabajamos con alertas de SharePoint hemos de tener claro la información de que disponemos para poder visualizarla correctamente:

AlertFrequency The time interval for sending an alert. Possible values include 0 (immediate), 1 (daily), or 2 (weekly).
EventType The type of event. Possible values include 1 (item added), 2 (item modified), 4 (item deleted), 16 (discussion added), 32 (discussion modified), 64 (discussion deleted), 128 (discussion closed), and 256 (discussion activated).
ItemName The title of the item.
ItemUrl The absolute URL for the item.
ListName The name of the list.
ListUrl The absolute URL for the list.
ModifiedBy The display name of the user who modified the item.
MySubsUrl The absolute URL for the My Alerts on this Site page in Site Settings.
SiteLanguage The locale identifier (LCID) for the language used on the site. For example, 1033 is the LCID for U.S. English.
SiteName The title of the site.
SiteUrl The absolute URL for the site.
TimeLastModified The time at which the item was last modified.

Juan Alcalá

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